Cats Classification in Your Essay

This article will tell you about one more possible variant for writing classification essays. If you come to this site, so you need to know how to write classification essays, or what topic is better to choose for classification essays.

Now, I want to tell you about one possible topic, which you may enlighten in your classification essay. Moreover, the information will be given in the necessary for any classification essay order.

So, now you have only one topic for writing: Possible Classifications of Cats.
In such kind of topic it is very important to choose the principle of classification. It may be:

  • Funny classification (cats I like, cats I can stand, cats I hate).
  • Scientific classification (its kingdom, phylum, class, etc…).
  • Size classification (too small, small, medium, huge).
  • Character classification (calm, playful, slogger, aggressive, lazy, etc…).

Telling the truth such kind of classification may be endless. So, your task is to decide what exactly classification you prefer in this essay.

When you make a choice, it is better to think about the characteristic features of each part of this group. For example, you decide to write a classification essay grounding on the characters of the cats. You should describe the positive and negative sides. It is possible to write about people, who such cats:

  1. Calm cats are for those, who leave the house in the morning and come late in the evening. Such cats are happy, when they eat something. Moreover they can allow you to stroke themselves.
  2. Slogger cats are necessary for those, who live in own house. If a mouse comes to your basements, such cat is eager to make the presence of this mouse unnoticeable for you.
  3. Lazy cats are good variants for those, who prefer to care about someone. Such cat will ask you to feed him. Just remember Garfield – the best example for you!

So, you have a possible idea – now, make it real!